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Greg Lewis

22 years as a California Peace Officer - for three different local and state agencies. Homicide Detective, Sergeant, Special Weapons and Tactics, Narcotics Investigator, Background Investigator, Use of Force Instructor. Greg Lewis is also featured as a main character in a non-fiction book "Vanished In Broad Daylight." Working as one of the lead detectives on one of Kings County, California's worst child murder cases. Now retired, he has established a trusted, diligent investigative business serving California and beyond.


Vanished in Broad Daylight

Mark Bingaman has finally finished the book that we have collaborated on. It is a chilling true detective story, based on an actual case that we worked on. Here is the back cover explanation of the book. 



Roaming unabated, a serial pedophile spent every waking moment pacifying his inner demons. Combating illicit sexual cravings, like self-medicating an incurable disease, required daily heavy doses of hardcore pornography. A chilling account of an eight year-old child kidnapped and brutally murdered. Rising up from a rural California town and striking back, a worldwide chase ensued for a sociopath gone mad. No respecter of human rights—a child’s life. Leaving the United States and spanning half the globe, the hunt would never end until coming face-to-face with every parent’s worst nightmare.

A harrowing true-crime story grippingly told by a team of detectives left standing. The story of Maria Piceno is a testament of courage and faith— under fire. This special child wouldn’t go quietly into the night. Out of life’s hardest lessons, comes unforgettable sweet tender moments. Anyone that has loved a child—this is a must read, no one can afford to miss. You’ll never be same:


VISIT "Vanished in Broad Daylight" web site. Published by Author House. 

IBN: 978-1-48174370-9

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